You do it 30 Times a Day Already, Lets Prefect it.......

Dear New mummy’s and mummy’s to be how are you during this time? I hope your ok? Its been just over 100 days of lock down, I bet your feeling lonely, and trying to work out how to do things by yourself. Scrolling through 8 out of 10 Mums Ask....searching for some help during the wee hours of the morning. Family and friends are desperate for a baby cuddle but they can't, and to top it off all the baby classes are closed so you are unable to meet new mums to talk about all your baby troubles. I'm sending big hugs to you all, you are all doing an amazing job, and as a mum myself of 2 x C section babies and suffering from postnatal depression I know how you all feel.

Finding a hobby or craft that you are interested in is a great way to help boredom, and a great way to improve mental health. Things like knitting, baking, crafts, writing daily diary’s and reading will keep your mind active, "But I'm not creative" I hear you say! What if I told you that you are already doing something 30 times a day that is creative, that you are good at, and, with my guidance I can help you become amazing at it, would you believed me?

I’ll give you a clue to what it is: Capturing a moment in time that you can cherish forever. Have you guessed what it is? Yes! It’s photography! You do it everyday, you enjoy it and you are good at it! We all take 30 or more photos a day of what we eat, selfies, our children, friends and family so you already have the basic skills.

I am hoping to help you improve your photography skills, helping you with lighting techniques, what props to use, and giving away some of my top secrets.

With this FREE step by step guide you will be able to achieve beautiful photos every time. BUT before we start I need to talk to you about baby safety, and how important it is not try to pose your baby in complicated poses at home. Newborn photographers are highly experienced in posing babies, and if you try poses yourself at home it could be very dangerous. Photographing baby in their normal sleeping position is advised.  Also, one more thing, babies can not regulate their body temperature so please follow the guidelines to how to dress your baby depending on your room temperature. So, are you ready to become an amazing photographer at home?

Here are 5 Steps to help you achieve beautiful photos;

Step 1: Lighting

There are two options for lighting, either natural light from your window or studio lighting. I can help with both! Before you get started you need a beautiful soft blanket on your sofa like this;

If you haven't got one, here is a link to the some of the ones I use:

Window lighting: 1. Make sure your flash is off on your camera or smart phone  2. Best results photo on an overcast day, or make sure the sun isn’t directly shining into the window  3. Light from the window needs to be directly facing babies face or to one side.

Studio lighting: For my DIY Prop hire packages I send out this ring light;

These photos below are from parents who have photographed their babies themselves at home, with my guidance using the ring light above and this is the beautiful soft lighting that it achieves:

To achieve this lighting, you need to make sure the ring light is to one side of your baby, facing babies forehead and down their body like this:

And you should be seeing a little tiny shadow under babies nose like this:

You can be as creative as you like and photograph from above/ babies toes and fingers just avoid photographing up babies nose. Step 2 Camera Angles As mentioned above photographing up babies nose is not a good look. Here are some tips to achieve good photos: 1. Keep your camera mostly at landscape 2. Leave good space around baby (so you can crop later if you want to) 3. Keep at babys eye level  4. Point your camera at babies forehead to avoid up the nose photos This is how you want your photos to look:

Step 3 Dressing Baby Top tip for dressing baby for a photo shoot is to keep it simple, and neutral. Here are some of my favorite props;

Step 4 The Photo Shoot Here are some Top Secret Tips that I have used in my studio for over 10 years; 1. Keep calm. Babies are very good at sensing your mood, I believe this is because they are unable to communicate yet, and are more intune with their other senses. Babies can detect anxiety, worry and anger, and will be unsettled. 2. Play relaxing music; Play either Classical Piano, Zero7, Buddha Bar or something similar to keep you relaxed  3. Bath before you photograph, dress them in the outfit you’d like them in and then relax with them untill they fall sleep 4. Download White noise app and play a hair dryer noise fairly loud. This will Imitate the sound of the womb and muffle any loud sounds around you  5. Baby will Jump; Holding babies hands and feet gently till they settle will stop them from waking when their arms and legs jump. 6. Gentle tapping of babys bottom imitate mum's heart, and placenta pulse and is very effective for settling baby. 7. Keep baby on their side or on their back do not try any tricky poses. 8. Use posing pillows to support babies head and back here are ones I use:

Important note: These pillows are intended for support only, do not use them for technical poses, and do not leave baby unattended. So now you know how to set up your blanket, lighting, what angle to photograph, how to dress baby and some of my top secrets you are ready attempt your photo shoot! I would love to see some of your photos shoots please like my page and share your photos with me! Any questions please comment on here. Step 5 Editing There are editing and cropping facilities on your phone that you can use, but if your struggling I offer an editing service at a small fee please email me for more information  I hope you enjoyed my step by step guide, and if there is anything your confused with or need additional help please send me a WhatsApp 07947102118 Happy Photographing


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